Coronavirus Shipping Updates

Last updated - May 27th.


Hello everyone

I wanted to give you a complete coronavirus shipping update. Do remember though that this situation is fluent and we take the status every day and things might change swiftly. So please check here often. 

Every single order is being worked on and your order will arrive to you. We are caught up on all orders and processing on all ready-to-ship items is now back to normal. Shipping is still slower than usual but everyone should get tracking so they can follow their orders. 

You might get 2 tracking numbers if you are in USA and Canada - as we ship in bulk from Iceland. - UPDATE: We sent out the first bulk orders a few weeks ago and gave everyone a tracking number so that they could follow their order to the warehouse. This created a mass-confusion and dozens of customer service emails we are still trying to get through. Everyone should have received an email explaining this route but it seems some didn't receive theirs or it ended in the spam folder. SOLUTION: We will be stocking more and more items in USA so that shipping will get faster and faster. And we will be using FedEx for our bulk orders that should only take a few days. 

We are seeing difficulties with shipments to New Zealand, Portugal, Italy and Spain. Please bare with us as we try and figure out the best way to get your orders to you. 

Canada: Many shipments go first to USA and will be shipped from there to you.

We have sent out emails to a lot of customers in the past that have ended in the spam folder. These are both automatic emails from our system, like order notifications, account invitations and emails that we send to customers about their order. So please check your spam folder. 


Pre-Orders: If you purchased an item on pre-order we will include it in our next order from the vendor. We will send you updates when we know more about your order or if it will be delayed significantly. You will always be able to cancel and get a refund if the wait is too long. Next orders to our vendors are already being prepared and you will receive updates in the coming weeks. All big orders from vendors have been delayed because of the coronavirus. So items we have planned to have in stock already will be delayed but available soon. We apologize for the inconvenience as we try to plan accordingly with this new world we are living in now. 

Subscription Boxes: Up until this point every single subscription box has been personally curated by me for each individual. This is of course incredibly time consuming and has created a long list of boxes that are waiting to be curated. While I'm so happy and surprised that my boxes are getting increasingly popular I have had to make the difficult decision that I will no longer be taking personal requests. I will be creating a monthly box for each style and most people will receive the same items. So for those of you waiting for your box: I do apologize for the growing pain and promise you will receive your box. 

I do appreciate that some people have been comparing my one woman operation to the multi-million dollar funded big subscription companies and hopefully we will get there soon. 

 All the best,

Dögg Hugosdóttir, Owner


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