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Dear Customers

This has been a very difficult year for our tiny business both online and at our physical location due to the covid situation. We have been taking some serious measures to stay in business like moving our physical boutique in Reykjavik among other things. But we can all agree that the most difficult problem we faced was the disruption in our shipping chain. We have already fixed this issue for our future orders but we are still waiting to locate a huge amount of orders that have already shipped from Iceland and some even shipped twice. We are seeing some orders taking many months to finally arrive to our customers and tracking being unreliable and sometimes it doesn't budge for weeks. And then when they finally arrive at the warehouse (our US/Canada shipments) they get lost or incredibly delayed as the covid situation is taking it's toll on the warehouse operations in USA. This has created a huge strain on our customer service and since this business is only one person (plus family) it has sometimes been an unachievable task to answer everyone. Now we have hired an amazing assistant that is helping out with answering emails but it's still a lot. So we wanted to apologize for everyone's unanswered emails or messages and want you to know that we are trying our best moving forward. 

What we are doing now: 

1. There will be no shipping of new orders until 1st of September. 

2. We are focusing on finding lost and delayed shipments by working with the warehouses and pushing to get some answers from the shipping carriers. We will be re-shipping everything we possibly can but as a tiny business we have to prioritize re-shipping confirmed lost shipments at this stage. 

What you can do to help us stay in business:

1. Please don't ask for a refund unless you absolutely have to. 

2. Please refrain from emailing us multiple times and message on social media. 

3. Most importantly: Pre-Order from our website. No small business can keep running without revenue and we appreciate each and every order we get. You can also buy a gift card to use at a later date.

Lots of love, 

Dögg, Owner of Heima





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