Missing Shipments Found!

We have just received news that multiple bulk shipments that left us in February/March and were lost have now been found and are on their way. We are of course incredibly relieved but also deeply saddened to learn that so many orders did now arrive at our customers. We have re-shipped many orders to customers that were in contact with us. This was at the beginning of the emergency situation here in Iceland because of COVID-19, the tourists were all leaving and flights were canceled. A lot of confusion ensued in March where we had to close our store and self-quarantine. We hope you can forgive FedEx and us for this unfortunate situation due to an unprecedented situation in the world. Please bear with us as we untangle this mess and get your orders to you. If you received an email from us with tracking that never started or an email where we said your order has left us in Iceland and it never came - your order is in one of these shipments and is on its way. Here is tracking for one of the shipments and you can see that it was originally shipped in March and is now taking a detour through Europe to the USA. 


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