Summer Subscription Pre-Order Sale

We are launching a huge pre-order sale today on all of our subscription boxes. If you pre-order in July you will receive your first 2 boxes for only $39 and if you pre-order in August you will receive your first 2 boxes for only $49. We will ship your first box on the 1st of September.

You pay now for your first box which will ship on 1st of September, your next renewal will be on 1st of October and then monthly after that. 

All you have to do is use the discount code SEPTEMBER and you are all set to be a part of our biggest fall launch ever. We will be curating monthly boxes for each style for The Heima boxes and our Hygge boxes will be magical, our Börn boxes will include some incredibly cute things (and more toys). 

This temporary stop to shipments of new subscriptions will allow us to focus on getting all older orders to our customers. The covid situation has created quite the mess that we are working super hard on resolving for everyone. The good news is that we can now ship with DHL worldwide (220 countries) and we are working with the warehouses in USA in locating missing orders that should be with them. 



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