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We want to offer small businesses, vendors and makers to use our website as a platform to sell their items on commission. You can now apply to sell your items and they can be live in 24 hours. Simply set up your vendor account and send us your products for review. You can get automatically paid through Stripe or Paypal when you ship your item. We take 20% commission and we can help out with shipping if you are in Iceland and USA  (more countries coming soon). 

We use a software called Marketcube to help us out and if you need help with the software here is a direct link to their help pages for vendors. We also invite you to join our Facebook group for even deeper support and information about shipping and anything you could have questions about. 

Your product does need to be something that fits into our website and the Nordic lifestyle. We set this service up in the light of the coronavirus  pandemic to offer small businesses and makers in Iceland the opportunity to create some income while the tourism is non-existent. But we welcome anyone to apply. 

We are also boutique owners in the downtown of a city and have been forced to close our doors while we wait out this difficult time. If you own a retail store that wants to try out something different to create some income you don't need to be the maker of the items you offer.

Our only request is that you input beautiful photos and descriptions of your products and that they match the Nordic lifestyle. If your product is not accepted it might be that it needs better photos or description, we will give you feedback. 

If you have any questions please submit them in the comments below or join our Facebook group. If you send us an email we might not be able to answer you in. few days. 

Start Selling Today

Att.: When you sign up we have to approve your account from our end. Send us a message on facebook if you want us to hurry up. :)



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