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We are looking for someone who is incredibly reliable and friendly that needs an extra project or job. This is not a full time job but something that would be great on the side. 

You will have to have access to a computer and a printer, live in a safe neighborhood where you can receive shipments safely and be available for pick-ups from carriers. 

The job will involve receiving returns from our customers in USA and Canada. Inspecting the returns, take photos and be in touch with us quickly with a report on the content. 

It will also involve receiving items from vendors, inspect the contents and re-pack the contents and ship them to our warehouses in USA (this involves a certain way of packing) and to our shop in Iceland.

You will have to be able to start right away. 

The pay is negotiable and can involve products or cash. We will ship to you printer paper, tape and other material you should need. 

The job might evolve into a full time job in the future. 

Please email us at hello@theheimabox.com your information and why you think this job is right for you. Please put USA job in the subject line. 

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