What is your Nordic Interior Style?
Take the Style Quiz to figure out what your Nordic Interior Style is. We have developed 4 different styles that are common in the regular Nordic household and also reflect current trends. These styles are Modern Nordic, Scandinavian Boho, Eclectic Nostalgia and Nordic Farmhouse. We will be adding information about each style on our blog and social media. 
You need to pick your style if you subscribe to The Heima Box but you can always switch styles between months - let us know if you can't figure out how to do it. You can also shop by picking a style. Sometimes items belong to more then one style just like a home can reflect more than one style. So you might be Eclectic Nostalgia in your heart but your home is more Nordic Farmhouse. 
We hope you have fun with the style quiz and checking out the new shop by style feature.
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