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Due to the increase in orders and customer service we are looking for people to join our group of people around the world that can work on tasks from home. 

If you are looking for a little extra money, you are friendly and reliable we might be a good fit. 

We are looking for people who might have experience in customer service, writing, computer tasks, shipping and returns and other tasks. 


Able to read and write English. 

A fast learner who is in particular able to learn how to use different types of software without needing extra help. 

A problem solver. 

Do things correctly from the start - read the instructions. :)

Friendly and ambitious. 

As we need people to start right away so we can catch up on orders you will be able to sign up through this link (we need to approve you) and we will be posting tasks you can sign up for within a day or two. 

Every task has a set fee and you will be paid through PayPal after it's finished.

One last thing. Please don't email us with further questions. 




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