Founder Dögg Hugosdóttir was inspired to start Heima Co. during her 5-year sojourn in the US. Whilst living in New Hampshire, just north of Boston, and she discovered that so many people had actually visited Iceland. She was amazed! “The people I encountered were bewildered that I wanted to live in the States instead of Iceland. They felt like it’s some kind of utopia, and I can see why: Iceland is especially clean, brimming with nature, impressive elements, and possesses uniquely rare landscapes."

“We are a tightknit family business founded in the love of our culture.” 

Enlivened with a passion for sharing ‘The Nordic Lifestyle’ Dögg opened a small boutique in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland, and soon expanded her business online to make Nordic lifestyle items accessible to people around the world. “I want to make it so you too can experience the Nordic lifestyle, get a sneak-peek into what it’s like to live in Iceland. Our shop includes items you would find in a boutique in downtown Reykjavík, a home in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark. These are just the regular, but of course, beautiful things we use in our daily lives.”

- The Heima Co. Family

The Nordic Countries may have a legendary past (Vikings and conquest!) but, they are also reputed for their great mythologies AND a concept uniquely theirs; a kind of cozy friendly lifestyle that is particularly connected to nature and the changing seasons. Composed of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the territories of the Aland Islands, and the Faroe Islands the Nordic Countries are many and varied.